Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quiet ruled the night: A crystallized moment.

After an unbelievable 16" snowfall and just before Christmas, I bundled up, grabbed my camera and walked and shot pics till my hands froze off. Snow still floating down in large flakes, quiet ruled the night. The stillness stays within my soul allowing acceptance of the coming winter. All is well. We remember moments not days.
(I have loaded these images for prints. They make great Christmas cards! Click on the link at the right if your interested.)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Now I feel finished with this piece!

This is a studio piece of a beautiful log home in New Harmony In. I started this a few weeks ago and just did not feel finished with it. The piano in my dining room is full of such pieces. That way I can study them while eating and consider what to change whenever I see them. Nothing like the smell of fresh oil paint with your dinner. Thankfully my Hubby likes that smell too. New Harmony History 12x16, oil on canvas.


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