Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wild photos, figure painting and a 4 year old.

It's amazing how quickly the "creative" in me gets triggered! I have needed to grab for brief windows of opportunity now that my beautiful grandson has come to stay for awhile. We are all still adjusting. And yet here are this weeks offerings: A group of digitally altered photos, (so glad I had my camera with me that night!) a figure painting sketch, and more photos of my grandson. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Figure Drawing at the Raven

Soft light...good friends...quiet music (or not) a bag of charcoal pencils and conte' crayon and a pad of paper and the possibilities are endless. Time seems to still as the study of a "fearfully and wonderfully" made figure begins to form on my paper in divided segments of time. My endless urge to capture moment, mood, time is satiated for just this short while. Here are my nights offerings.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One contest entry, one figure painting workshop ,one Holiday window display and one Child arriving!!

Things are always changing...blowing freshness into the stale air...stirring things up and waking me up! I must admit, I don't always go willingly. This week in one two day period all the leaves were blown off our trees making them naked for their winters slumber...exposing new lines to me. Each one graceful in it's simplicity and uniqueness...I am held captive by their new wind dance. They seem to be looking forward to the coming winter while I have a much harder time adjusting to that thought. Perhaps I too need to shed some dead leaves...shake them loose...I cannot seem to do this alone...Holy Spirit blow through me and fill me with an inner knowingness of joy and hope for spring...No frozen sap...only a deep, quiet running of life in my veins.

I am readying also for a four year old to live with me for an ,as yet undetermined length of time. The next two days will be the last of the quiet mornings for me for quite awhile. We are praying that he will feel welcomed, safe and loved while he is here.As I didn't start painting untill my kids were grown, I could use some advice from some young Mom's out there...How to do this?

Peace to you all!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Three entries in the The First Annual Autumn Arts Painting Challenge and Competition on Facebook!! I like a challenge! Tomorrow is the deadline and so far there are over 600 pieces of some really incredible art in this competition!! So here is what I put in the hat...two plein air pieces done at The Elegant Farmer on a cold, damp moody October morning and one studio piece that I have been thinking about painting forever! It is the view across the street from my house. One morning I awoke and ran for my camera to capture the sun as it lit up the first morning frost of the season sparkling on the grass as the mist began to rise. I was unsure if I could do the experience justice...I hope I have! Who could look at that without knowing there is a God!??

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Naked Faces:an interactive art form

Research shows that we read and judge one another's facial expressions with breathtaking speed. In a split second we decide if the other is safe or not. Think about it...what makes you decide to get to know someone? Daniel Goleman in his book "Social Intelligence:The New Science of Human Relationship" tells us "We are wired to connect. Neuroscience has discovered that our brains very design makes it sociable, inexorably drawn into an intimate brain-to-brain linkup whenever we engage another person.That neural bridge lets us effect the brain-and so the body- of everyone we interact with, just as they do us." Also " That link is a double edged sword: nourishing relationships have a beneficial impact on our health, while toxic ones can act like slow poison in our bodies."

I am fascinated by the face and it's myriad expressions that change in the blink of an eye. Glad, sad, mad, afraid, hurt and ashamed and everything in between. Have you every wanted to change someone else's expression? I have...and so in all fun I have begun a new series of interactive art. Naked Faces gives you the opportunity to do just that! What's your "first impression"?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"The Naked Face"

I have always been amazed with faces. And how one little tightening of a muscle can convey with an incredable, hate, sorrow, anger, joy, embarrasment and so on. I read, with apt attention, the book "Social Intelligence" where the actual science of two people interacting is discussed. It gave me a renewed interest in how quickly we read anothers intentions. We get that message way before the other person speaks. And so I have started a new project. I am sharing a little peek right now. I am thinking of calling this series "The Naked Face" Tell me what you think!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh, for the love of family!

My son and my grandson at my nieces wedding...what a sight. I am trying something new for me. Using a toned under-painting...this is the first step. I will keep you posted with the next although this must dry thoroughly first!

Friday, October 2, 2009

golden grasses

golden grasses
the wind your weaver
the dew an inner light
sparkle and sweep
we see the rhythm spirit
move in you
move around you
move in us

Wendie Thompson

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quiet ruled the night: A crystallized moment.

After an unbelievable 16" snowfall and just before Christmas, I bundled up, grabbed my camera and walked and shot pics till my hands froze off. Snow still floating down in large flakes, quiet ruled the night. The stillness stays within my soul allowing acceptance of the coming winter. All is well. We remember moments not days.
(I have loaded these images for prints. They make great Christmas cards! Click on the link at the right if your interested.)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Now I feel finished with this piece!

This is a studio piece of a beautiful log home in New Harmony In. I started this a few weeks ago and just did not feel finished with it. The piano in my dining room is full of such pieces. That way I can study them while eating and consider what to change whenever I see them. Nothing like the smell of fresh oil paint with your dinner. Thankfully my Hubby likes that smell too. New Harmony History 12x16, oil on canvas.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Check this out...feeling very techie... I just figured out how to link a shopping page right to my blog! I've had some of my photos and paintings available for awhile on Fine Art America. But now I have a shopping cart right on my blog page! Cool...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flower Faces Slide Show!

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New Harmony History

This old log home in New Harmony IN has always stolen my attention. I have painted it from a photo and my memory. I do not consider it finished as I think the form in the front made out of rock needs to change some...soften maybe? What do you think? "New Harmony History" 12x16 oil on canvas

Sunday, August 9, 2009

One Heartless Tin Man.

Again...Wizard of Oz. Wondering how many I should do. A series perhaps? I think at least the Scarecrow too....we'll see.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rain and a Lion!

It is raining in Wisconsin. The normally lush summer has been unusually dry and cool...but it is raining. The gardens and the fields are rejoicing as well as something deep with in me. I will have tomatoes after all! This dry spell gave new meaning to the words "my soul thirsts". Just at the point when new growth becomes mature food...we need water or we are in danger of shriveling up on the vine. No harvest then...nothing of substance to share with those around us. Living Water...fill us...feed us...I "thirst" for you!

On a different note...A really fun thing is happening in my small city! The Wizard of Oz is celebrating it's 70th anniversary here! Evidently it is one of the places where the movie premiered. Also the man who wrote all the music for the film lived right here! I need to tell you that I NEVER missed a showing of this movie as a child. It is by far my favorite all time movie. So in honor of that I have painted...One Cowardly Lion...."28x22...oil on panel..."If I, If I Were King!" I had such fun painting him. I think I could have done it with my eyes closed! heartless Tin Man???

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mid Summers Brush...What a wild week!

 being the event director for a large plein air event AND trying to paint also is probably not a real good idea. I did a quick paint (window box) which I am very happy with , a demonstration piece at our Kids Brush event (yellow slide) that I must have been out of my mind to even start (all I could think was the kids would like the bright yellow of the slide...never once thought about how complicated architecturally it was and how rapidly the back-light would change the lines!! Lesson LEARNED!!) and two pieces for the competition (sunset and lions) . OK so the big I paint myself or provide opportunity for others to paint? (someones got to do it.) How do you approach this?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunflowers and digital alterations

Driven to create everyday...this is today's fun. Short bursts of sun shining through sunflowers...broken intense color, contrast, chroma. Frilly edges...botanical happiness!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Into the League of Milwaukee artists Anderson Arts Center show Kenosha Wisconsin!!! This makes me happy! And Grateful! My Neighbor 12x16 oil on canvas

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Missing Handles

There they sit, the urns at Frame Park in Waukesha Wisconsin. Many of them...Vessels with hats, tucked in amongst a riot of summer color. Evening falls...the one that has caught my attention has had the handles broken off. No place to grab on to...not moving anytime soon.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Plein Air this summer...

Please bare with me...I am jumping out of my skin happy. You see I received an award at the Cedarburg Plein Air Competition. It was my first ever juried award. It was an Honorable mention for my "quick paint" where we had 2 1/2 hours to paint and bring it back framed. 56 paintings were done in this way. What made me so happy about it was who I was competing with and what they are capable of. I felt SO honored! I have always tried to put the focus on learning something with each new painting and not on winning. That outlook does 2 takes all the pressure off and it really helps me to be free to try new things in my work. But my friend Ken Auster always says "You are good when your peers say you are good" and so this little feather will stay in my hat for just a little while. Then I will lay it at the feet of the Creator, God where it belongs.

Monday, June 15, 2009

PLEIN AIR!!! Joy and frustration thereof...

Not much beats it for me! Today I went to Old World Wisconsin which is a great place that has a collection of barns . These barns and homesteads have been moved there from all around the state and lovingly rebuilt one board at a time in ethnic villages. (German,Norwegian Etc.) It is quite large and there are trams to take you around. Even so there is a great deal of walking and I was kicking myself for not packing lighter again! So you could say I had a frustrating start. The people I was to paint with I could not find in the sea of people! (Finally found them when I was all done and almost at my car.) I am not a physically strong person so just getting to the tram was a challenge. Then when I got to the place to paint I found that at some point on the (crazy) tram ride I had lost the gadget my husband made me to attach my umbrella to my easel. That meant I had to find a different subject to paint ( and move my already set up stuff) where I could be in the shade somehow as I would burn to a crisp being from Wisconsin and all! However...once I started painting all was well. Nothing bothered me...not even the hundreds of people asking questions...or the little kids who stuck fingers in my paints...What is that attention...totally relaxed? I love it!

So here is today's offering entitled" A Spot in the Shade" 8x10 oil on canvas.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

So... yesterday I got in my car and drove the hour and a half to Beloit to paint in and support the Beloit Plein Competition. The weather was wonderful! This is one of the pieces I produced. The second needs more work and I may go back and make some changes to this one as well. I never painted a fountain before and I really struggled with it. What do you think?


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