Wednesday, August 31, 2016

September Painting Challenge! 30 PLEIN AIR Paintings in 30 Days!

Tiger's and Corn 20x16 oil by Wendie Thompson

Autumn is a time for change and time for challenges! Children go back to school...colors change in the landscape right before our eyes, and weather can be downright bipolar!

In the past I have made commitments to paint everyday in September. That has always been a great goal for me for a number of reasons. About this time of year I am tempted to stop painting for some goals...recharge. But I have found that pushing forward in paint is the only way to work through the sludge of change. doing this has never let me down!

And so I am making a commitment to myself and others to paint everyday in September. But this year there is a caveat to this...this year I will be painting PLEIN AIR everyday! Yup...outdoors...bugs, wind, rain, sun or frost....come what may I'm planning to be out there!

Please follow my adventure here and on Facebook! Throw me a note of encouragement...I hear helps!

There are also a number of plein air competitions I will be involved in during this time: New Berlin (Sept 7-11), Evansville WI (Sept 23-Oct1) , Plymouth (Sept 22-28) and Carmel IN (Sept 16-18) ...come watch me!!!


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