Monday, June 24, 2013

Cedarburg 2013 From my point of view!

For most of the last  two weeks 170 artists converged on a smaller historical community just north of Milwaukee called Cedarburg. In it's 13th year I believe this is the largest open plein air competition in the country! I may have a somewhat unique view of this event as I have been one of nine people on the planning committee. We meet nearly all year to create this event which is fun but also a whole bunch of work!! This year we needed to limit the number of artists to 170 as we have run out of space to hang all the art!! How crazy is that??

The 2013 Cedarburg Plein Air Event planning Committee
In spite of a deluge of distractions (the usual health issues...water heater going out at home and leaking pipes...of course while the hubby was gone!) I had a great time!!! And I think I produced some of my better work (but you can decide that).

20x16 oil
What is absolute gold to me at this event is being able to spend time with artists friends who I other wise only find on social media etc. I value the openings...lunch with friends...painting next to other painters and the talk. Talk about art, color, composition, brushwork, excellence, motivation, other events, edges, form, light and so on all sprinkled liberally with laughter! I crave this interaction with my peers and if I missed seeing you I am sorry. So many established artists are open and willing to help those who have just begun it gives me hope for this state. Time will tell but I think a day may be coming when the good people of Wisconsin will buy art instead of beer (...or maybe buy art while drinking beer!) They certainly showed up seeking art at this event as much art was sold!!

A bunch of artists talking shop at the Port Washington opening!
So here is the rest of the work I produced this week...see you next year Cedarburg!!






Saturday, June 8, 2013

Plein Air ROCKS!!!

Well...the Plein Air season is in full force in Wisconsin although summer has yet to show up here!!! Upper 60's and low 70's seem to be all we can muster. Some summers in Wisconsin we have a six week summer and that's it. This summer seems to be on for that. This week the "Edge of the Rock" event in Beloit is rolling. I got to go and paint yesterday and here is what I did!!

Starting Wednesday...Cedarburg!!!!!

Antiques and Angels
10x20 oil
Done at the Angel Museum and the fragrance of these roses...amazing!!!

Stairway to Heaven
9x12 oil
These are the stairs to the Wright Art Museum at the Beloit College...what a beautiful place!


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