Friday, February 19, 2010

Breakfast Club and Another Day in the Shed and a new artists statement!

Breakfast Club 12x12 pastel

Another Day in the Shed 10x8 pastel

Each time I do another Pastel my love for them grows. At the same time I have been dealing with some very public criticism of "lack of content" in my work and have been doing some soul searching as a result. We had some great discussion about it at a critique I was at last night. While I believe there is great validity in painting to learn or even painting just to create at some point (or even painting to fend off boredom) I think I maybe need to state the "whys" of choosing subject matter, not so much to satisfy my critics but more to begin to define for my self my identity as an artist and where I need to go from here. So here goes...following is my new artists statement...Let me know what you think!!

My art, done mostly "plein air"(in the open air) and from those experiences , strives to capture that single silver note...the one you wait the whole song to hear... My note which speaks to quiet, peacefulness, joy and contentment in one's own skin.

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