Saturday, December 4, 2010

Squares #23 and #24: Painting snow in the snow! Lesson's...

1. It is possible to dress too warm.
2. Oil paint can become frozen giving it an almost granular texture.
3. Paint fast!
4. Pack light.
5. I have fingerless mittens that I buttoned back and stuffed with hand warmers...toasty fingers.
Square 23 6x6 oil $100 unframed
Square 24 6x6 oil $100 unframed 
5. Be prepared to feel an invigorating, accomplished, joyful feeling!!! I am SO blest!


  1. I admire your paintng & that you painted in the snow...amazing. You look all warmish though. I was born in Buffalo, NY & lived in Nashua, NH but now I live outside of Houston, TX. We have snow every 5 years (?) and it usually freezes everything for a short while. Last year it froze at least 100 buds and blossoms on my Angel Trumpet tree. Very sad looking tree afterwards. I painted it and called it "Spinach Tree"...more like limp spinach" LOL. Good luck with snow painting.

  2. Thank you Sue! I was warm...almost too warm. I looked at your work...Really excellent!



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