Monday, April 18, 2011

New Harmony: IPAPA First Brush of Spring 2011!!

 6x6 oil
 6x6 oil
 6x6 oil
 6x6 oil
 7x5 oil
 8x6 oil
12x16 oil Greenhouse (New Harmony IN)

What a wild week it has been! Off last Friday to New Harmony Indiana for the Indiana Plein Air Painters Assoc. event titled The First Brush of Spring. Each year a small army of artists from around the country descend on this small ( about 12 square blocks) , quaint, fabulously beautiful, antique historical town just as spring is unfolding. I understand there were over 150 artist there this year! Each year...this was my 6th...I have gone I have felt like a little bitty baby artist because the quality of the work is so stunning. Collectors come from far and wide to purchase works as the word is out about the sheer quality of the pieces! It pushes me hard all year to improve so as to be competitive some day. I determined to paint every day this year and that I think, has made a world of difference.

While I did not win any awards this year I felt much more competitive and I sold 7 pieces of art! The one of the greenhouse is going to hang in the towns bed and breakfast...I am sooooo honored!I will post the rest of the pieces I did soon!

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