Saturday, March 3, 2012

Buzzzy Bee....Me!

Oh wow....I haven't blogged (On my own blog that is ...:) for a while I see! Seems like since the first of the year I made a decision to pull back on marketing for a while and hole up so as to refine my skill. Will I ever paint a masterpiece in my lifetime??? I just keep on painting...learning from each canvas...each stroke of the brush and each push of the palette knife. I am in love with the process and that is good. I don't know if I will ever "arrive". That puts me in the ranks of some great artists who went to their graves driven still by the need to know more!! here are a bunch of the things I have been working on. I have a lot of new work and I'm looking for a place to have my next show! Time to do some shameless self promotion!!! Let me know if your interested!!! PAINT ON!!! W

Many 6x6 oil stills of fruit $75 each unframed

Little Darlings in the Afternoon Sun
20x16 oil  $500 unframed 

1926 Kissel 9x12 oil
Gifted to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum

Gold Bug
12x9 oil $300 unframed

Gold Bug II
9x 12 oil Gifted to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum

Teapot and Tangerine
8x8 oil $ 200 unframed

Copper Cup
8x8 oil $200 unframed

White Roses
9x12 oil $300 unframed

Copper Kettle
9x12 oil $300 unframed

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