Saturday, June 8, 2013

Plein Air ROCKS!!!

Well...the Plein Air season is in full force in Wisconsin although summer has yet to show up here!!! Upper 60's and low 70's seem to be all we can muster. Some summers in Wisconsin we have a six week summer and that's it. This summer seems to be on for that. This week the "Edge of the Rock" event in Beloit is rolling. I got to go and paint yesterday and here is what I did!!

Starting Wednesday...Cedarburg!!!!!

Antiques and Angels
10x20 oil
Done at the Angel Museum and the fragrance of these roses...amazing!!!

Stairway to Heaven
9x12 oil
These are the stairs to the Wright Art Museum at the Beloit College...what a beautiful place!


  1. Well, when our temps hit 115 during the day we can long for your 60-70. Maybe I'd be willing to go out more for plein air painting. Of course, whem your temps are around -10 during the winter and we are sitting at 60-70 I guess it's our turn for fun.

  2. I see some exchanges taking place in our futures Dave!!!



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