Monday, February 15, 2016

Paint the Point Winter 2016: Mineral Point from my Perspective...The Benefits of Pushing Through

Light Unto my Path
1st Place Award Winner
Soooooooo...I got there. (If you read the last post you know how hard it was) I had zero expectations. My only goal was to put some paint on some canvases and to somehow recharge my empty batteries. Met my housemates at the Brewer House Inn around 4:30...unloaded my car and we started chatting and munching. Lori Beringer actually made us a pork roast...YUM!

Happy Popsicle! (Photo Credit Pamela Ruschman)

First paint laid down..Shake Rag St
Why did it have to have it be so cold? Wednesday morning required many layers! I was still whinny. Pam Ruschman and I went to breakfast at the local breakfast place extraordinaire: The Red Rooster. And then it was out to paint. I ended up spotting a lawnchair between two buildings on ShakeRag St and commenced. I came back for a second pass at this painting the next day. This is something I hardly ever do but the light was the same. I'm glad I did as this turned out to be my second entry. Icicles had turned up on the roof and I added them as well as changing the shadow shape and color in the foreground.

So Happy...1st Place WHHHHAAAAATTTT?
Brewer House Inn...I'm painting on the porch at 8 degrees...done at 11:30.
On Thursday night we were invited to a beautifully restored victorian home belonging to one of the event committee members for dessert. What an amazing treat! Beautiful art everywhere and desserts for royalty...WHAT?? When we returned my Housemates all turned in but I was "called" out to paint again. I stood on the porch of the house and painted till after 11. It was cold but there was zero wind so it turns out I was actually warmer than I was earlier in the day! It was totally worth it: This painting was awarded 1st place!

Back for a second pass...ICICLES on Shake Rag!
Ferndale Road
Later on both Wednesday and Thursday Lynn Rix, Pam and I went out to this stream on Ferndale Rd. I painted two paintings there. And I was really beginning to settle in...feeling more like an artist again. 

Ferndale Road Again.
Sooooooooo...some good friends, good food, lots of giggles and painting painting painting and I am out of my mid-winter artist funk. It was pure bonus to me to win an award (so honored and grateful!) and to sell a painting (the ultimate honor!) There is paint running through my veins once again!

First night with my painting buddies....lots of needed giggles!
Who needs Beards?

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