Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One contest entry, one figure painting workshop ,one Holiday window display and one Child arriving!!

Things are always changing...blowing freshness into the stale air...stirring things up and waking me up! I must admit, I don't always go willingly. This week in one two day period all the leaves were blown off our trees making them naked for their winters slumber...exposing new lines to me. Each one graceful in it's simplicity and uniqueness...I am held captive by their new wind dance. They seem to be looking forward to the coming winter while I have a much harder time adjusting to that thought. Perhaps I too need to shed some dead leaves...shake them loose...I cannot seem to do this alone...Holy Spirit blow through me and fill me with an inner knowingness of joy and hope for spring...No frozen sap...only a deep, quiet running of life in my veins.

I am readying also for a four year old to live with me for an ,as yet undetermined length of time. The next two days will be the last of the quiet mornings for me for quite awhile. We are praying that he will feel welcomed, safe and loved while he is here.As I didn't start painting untill my kids were grown, I could use some advice from some young Mom's out there...How to do this?

Peace to you all!

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