Friday, May 21, 2010

A quiet day, a new pastel and acceptance into the Oil Painters of America!!!

Today I worked at the Griffin Gallery Fine Art in Oconomowoc WI. It is a co-owned Gallery with many fine artists. It was relatively quiet there today with the exception of 3 serious lookers on missions to find the "right piece" for their various projects. So I got to catch up with my computer and paint. Here is my fruit: "Two for the Pond" 12x12 pastel.

Then when checking the mail as I got home I found an acceptance letter to the Oil Painters of I jazzed about that!! All in all a good day!


  1. Wonderful ....A great it....Orel

  2. You are simply amazing, my friend...

  3. Congrats Wendie! You deserve the best.



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