Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting ready for Cedarburg: What does it take??

Tomorrow the largest and to me the most exciting open plein air competition in Wisconsin begins and I am frantically getting ready to participate!!! Not only is there some big prize money on the line but there will be so many of my artists friends coming from all over the state and even the country! Oh JOY...Not only do I get to do what I love the most but I get to do it with some of the best folks on the planet and there is potential that I might knock off a "Good one" and win a prize!  I have learned that anything can happen when painting on location and so I have developed a sort of "boy scout" (be prepared) approach to my preparations.

"Rainy Day Blue" by Wendie Thompson
Last years First Place Winner: Rivers Edge
10x8 oil Available
OK...so I am a list maker and I started this list quite a while ago. I found that what works best for me is to start the plein air season by limiting my canvas sizes to a rectangle, a square and an oblong. That way I can purchase frames in different colors in those three sizes ahead of time (gold, silver and dark). Because once you are out in the field you need, especially in quick paint, to turn your work in framed...only you don't know what it will look like yet. I have seen great pieces of art go unnoticed because of poor framing.

Here is my list:

Palette knives
Paint tubes (I hate to run out of a favorite color when painting so I bring extra)
Paper towels
Turp jar and extra Gamsol
Medium (I have been using Walnut oil)
Umbrella ( I have two: a Shade Buddy which sticks in the ground and one that attaches to my easel)
Canvas panels: For an 8 day paint event like Cedarburg I will bring about 30
Trash bags
Bug spray: I have been using those great Off clip ons!
Fold-able raincoat
Two small tarps in case I need some extra rain protection
Apron and a warmer paint shirt and I keep an old lightweight sweater in the bottom of my cart
Gallon size freezer zip lock bags...Every thing goes in these as organizers esp. liquids!!!
Frames as needed
Camera and batteries
Wet painting carriers
Water: I keep a case in the back of my car
Coffee: I love Starbucks Double shots!!!
My ARtComber cart...I love this thing!!
Lawn chair

I'm probably forgetting something but all of this goes in my car. Most of it fits in my ArtComber Cart that has great big wheels. One thing I can tell you...it goes in neat but somewhere between when I leave the house and when I get back it is all over the car! :) Heaven help me!

"Selfless Abandon" by Wendie Thompson
12x16 oil
2011 Cedarburg Entry

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