Monday, February 11, 2013

My First Ever Self Portrait!

Self Portrait
16x20 oil on linen panel
I've never done a self portrait before and (as my grandson's classmate said the other day) I am old. 59 in fact. I have been painting now for over thirteen years and I thought it was time to tackle my own face.  The model kept moving...can you believe it? I did learn a lot and will probably do this again not because I am enamored with myself but because I am determined to learn how to paint people in all their nuances! I did discover a real cool way to make a lovely deep flesh tone by mixing Grumbacher Red and Richeson Shiva Yellow Citron (which is a relatively new color on my palate that I am in love with). My friend Carolyn said I was the kid in school who always had the big box of crayons!! Ha!

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