Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 7: 2015 30/30 Challenge: It's Labor Day!

8x8 oil by Wendie Thompson

Values values values

So today was Labor Day here which means holiday which means family which means interruptions. No problem. This morning on Facebook I happened upon a post by Linda Crank discussing the palette of Sargent which was pictured. If you're on Facebook you can find it here:

And so today I gave myself a sort of assignment to work with some new colors and techniques as discussed in the comment section of the post. Focusing on values I worked out of an image in my head and not a photo so as not to frustrate myself with trying to get the features right. The first photo is the result...the black and white shows values. Learning, learning, loving learning!!! Not saying I'm done with this painting...but I'm done for today!

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