Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2015 Cedarburg Plein Air Event: TOMORROW it begins!!! JOY!

So what's it like for the artists the day before an event like this? For me, as a mom,  I feel the kind of giddy I felt when my kids were little and it was Christmas eve. You see in a similar way it's all about preparedness. 

Did I do enough, shop enough, rest enough...you know, am I enough for this??? Will people like what I produce? 

So I have made my list and checked it 500 times!

Paint? check.
Brushes? check.
Canvas? Sizes? check...check.
Paper towels? check.
Solvent? check.
Frames...sizes? check check check...I hope!
Night lights? check.
Batteries? check.
Easel? check.
Framing tools? check
Raincoat and hat? check.
Umbrella/s? check.
Sunscreen? Bug Spray? check...check.
Lawn chair? check.
Wet panel carrier? check.

What am I forgetting???

One thing you should really know...well before the artists get to your community to paint...they have made quite a large financial commitment. It can be in the thousands of dollars!) Then they still need to travel, eat and sometimes find housing.

Here's the bottom line...Just like most Christmases in my house...The first time I pick up my brush to paint the JOY comes! Hope to see you there!!!

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