Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cedarburg 2015 Plein Air: Day One Port Washington

Don't Bump Me
12x12 oil by Wendie Thompson
Arriving at 7am is no small thing for this painting chick. I live one hour from Port Washington and had been up late checking my preparations for the week and praying over it all. Nevertheless, my eyes popped open and I was off!

It was a full 20 degrees colder (about 55) right along lake Michigan with a damp breeze off of it. I set up in a small overhang to avoid the sun and started painting. Soon my friend Judith Reidy joined me in the shelter...always so good to paint with friends!! I quickly began to add layers of clothing and more layers and more...even so my hands went numb and by the time I finished the above painting I was chilled to the bone!

So I made a decision to make the hour trip back home to warm up, let the dog out and take a nap. That turned out to be a good choice as I was rested for the next adventure.

I met my friend Larry Seiler around 8pm. We both had the same idea...nocturne! So we scouted together for a while as the evening light show in the sky ended and the man made light show began. We both found something to paint within eyesight of each other...something I appreciated greatly. (You know it's a crazy world.) I got home around 1am!!!

Duluth Trading Company
12x12 oil by Wendie Thompson

This part of the competition is hung separately from the larger body of work and I can only submit one of these! Got an opinion on that?



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