Saturday, January 5, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 4: Blue Vessel

Blue Vessel
12x9 oil on panel

So Day 4: I am getting into a rhythm of sorts. It is helping to paint the familiar and loved. Way in the back of your mind the shape is already there. You will be seeing more of my teapot collection in this series...they hold residence on the rail between my kitchen and my dining room. More are scattered around the area not unlike punctuation marks in the decor! See you tomorrow! Oh by the way, if you should happen to come to my house this's a mess...just sayin...:)


  1. I love that blue tea pot nestled in the berries! Also want to mention how much I like the art used for the top of your blog - beautiful and very creative!

  2. Thanks Claire! The art at the top was a fun experiment...the facial features are velcroed on so I can change them!



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