Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 30: Easter Parade (Last day of the Challenge)

Easter Parade
20x10 oil on linen panel

Day 30: On the railing between my kitchen and dining room I have some of my collection of 30's and 40's era teapots. Solid pastel colors and heavier pottery bodies, these were everyday ware...not meant for high tea. Last night I had three drooping tulips that hadn't died and I sort of threw them over the top of the teapots...more to get them out of the way as I cooked than anything else. This is how I found them this morning. I painted.

Can I just say...I DID IT!!!?! YEAH...!! !!!! This was the last in the 30 Day 30 painting Challenge that Leslie Byrd Saeta started on January 2nd. (You can see all the art from over 200 artist around the country here: I am asking myself some questions today as this concludes: Where do I go from here? Will I continue to paint each day? (Could me hubby stand it?) What will I do with this body of work? What have I learned...about painting and about myself? 

I normally paint a lot but not everyday. I love to paint plein air and founded the Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association ( and continue to administer it. That takes a good chunk of my time. And, family comes first of course. 

One thing I have made a commitment to this year is more marketing of my own work. That includes more blogging and this challenge gave me a good start at that. I will be seeking new gallery representation this year and need to gather materials for that. 

These days grew a sort of rhythm that I enjoyed. Up, walk the and then paint. I normally am painting by 8:30 or 9. Some days I was done by noon...others like today it was more like 4pm. My painting mantra has always been: "Every canvas a lesson" and that served me well during this challenge. I have been moving toward more "juice" on the canvas...more use of palette knife and optical color. I finish this challenge thinking I have accomplished much with that regard. But more importantly...I want to paint things that move the viewer...I am no longer just content to paint a nice painting. I am in much prayer concerning this.

Thanks for checking in with me and I hope you enjoyed following my journey these past 30 days. I invite you to continue to follow me as I search for the next right thing!!! Just maybe this is my year...??? What do you think?

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