Tuesday, January 8, 2013

30 Day Painting Challenge: Day 7: Tarnished

12x12 oil on linen panel

Day 7: WHEW! This was an all day wrestle!!! I think I won...you tell me! Again my aim was juicy pieces of color while still remaining fresh. Because of the gray teapot surface I kept just getting mud. I really needed to keep the values right while changing out color. I was tempted to give up on this a number of times so I took a break...took a nap...walked the dog. I kept going back to the easel determined to have my way with this piece. Tomorrows got to be easier...right???


  1. Hi Wendie - you worked that pot detail so nicely! It really does appear tarnished. Gotta be a difficult one. I hear ya on the pressure - at first I thought, hey 30 in 30, no problemo - but with each day, it is pulling more on my creativity and skill and idea line. Paint on!

  2. Thank you Patty...sometimes a little pressure can be a good thing huh?



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