Saturday, January 5, 2013

30 Day Challenge Day 5: Yellow Vessel

Yellow Vessel
12x12 oil on panel

Day 5: Trying hard to work ahead a little as I know life tends to happen. Grandchild, my health and that of my parents...a million things have the potential to sidetrack my commitment. The more I paint, the more determined I am to complete this...and that's a good thing! The teapots continue to beckon and so I listen...I listen to the color shapes. I listen to my soul. I ask myself questions...warmer/cooler...lighter/darker...softer/harder...brush or knife...and form begins to appear. I am having wayyyyy too much fun!!!


  1. Hi Wendie, Very nice daily work...are you working in a series? Will you continue with the 'ceramics' the whole month? Thanks for telling me about the 30 day challenge, it is fun to connect with so many artists. Keep up the good work!

  2. Oh Susan...isn't this fun?? I've been looking for your work each day...its wonderful!I started without an agenda but as the vessels came I've gotten excited about them...I'll continue unless of course I can get outside to do some plein air in the cold!!



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